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My blog, “50 States of Mind,” is a blog I have designed to give me both knowledge and inspiration to travel across the great United States of America. Our beautiful country has so much to offer and I would like to take advantage of that as much as possible and what better way to do that than to see the best of what every state has to offer? I can already cross 13 off my list ranging from the shores of the Great Lakes in northern Minnesota to the deserts of Arizona to the mountains in Colorado. My travels have even taken me to other countries including Costa Rica, Caribbean, and Mexico. Different states and different regions provide so many unique opportunities to experience and I aspire to try as many of these opportunities as possible. My blog is teaching me the best ways to accomplish this along with the must useful advice on achieving the best experiences. This is an exciting goal of mine and I look forward to all the adventures the United States has to offer me.


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The 2013 Adventure Bucket List

This is a list by Kate Siber for Outside Live Bravely Magazine: http://www.outsideonline.com/adventure-travel/north-a 1. Alabama: Talladega Days 2. Alaska: Meet a Grizzly 3. Arizona: Ride to Ancient Ruins 4. Arkansas: Fish the Buffalo 5. California: Ski a Volcano 6. Colorado: Bike an Unsanctioned Race 7. Connecticut: Kayak the Islands 8. Delaware: Launch a Pumpkin 9. Florida: Drive and Dive the Keys 10. Georgia: Live Like a King 11. Hawaii: Do the Original Ironman 12. Idaho: Raft the Salmon River 13. Illinois: Climb a Silo 14. Indiana: Enter a Pie-Eating Contest 15. Iowa: Ride the World’s Longest Group Race 16. Kansas: See a Rodeo 17. Kentucky: Get Stuck in a Cave 18. Louisiana: Catch Dinner in an Estuary 19. Maine: Kayak Between Islands 20. Maryland: Go Crabbing 21. Massachusetts: Live in a Shack by the Sea 22. Michigan: Meet Some Wolves 23. Minnesota: Dogsled the Boundary Waters 24. Mississippi: Bike the Natchez Trace 25. Missouri: Huck-Finn the Jacks River

Bucket List Continued

  1. Montana: Horsepack the Absarokas
  2. Nebraska: Watch a Massive Bird Migration
  3. Nevada: Win at Blackjack
  4. New Hampshire: Watch Leaves
  5. New Jersey: Hike the East’s Largest Protected Area
  6. New Mexico: Truth or Consequences
  7. New York: Bike the Wineries
  8. North Carolina: Dive a German U-Boat
  9. North Dakota: Camp in the Big Empty
  10. Ohio: Snorkel Shipwrecks
  11. Oklahoma: Catch a Catfish Barehanded
  12. Oregon: Run Lodge-to-Lodge on the Rogue River
  13. Pennsylvania: Win a Food Fight
  14. Rhode Island: Live on a Sailboat
  15. South Carolina: Float the Edisto River
  16. South Dakota: Road Trip to the Black Hills
  17. Tennessee: See a Natural Light Show
  18. Texas: Try Kiteboarding
  19. Utah: Get Stuck Between Rocks
  20. Vermont: Bike and Eat Good Food
  21. Virginia: Bike a Brand New Trail
  22. Washington: Forage For Dinner by Kayak
  23. West Virginia: Climb the New River Gorge
  24. Wisconsin: Race the Birkenbeiner
  25. Wyoming: Backpack the Wind River Range

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Things I Wish to Accomplish

Although there are so many great aspects to every state, I have seen so many incredible things while exploring my options online. Throughout my ZEEF I have added activities I wish to try and specific places I want to visit along my journey.

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